Tilley Sherpa Rupa Shirt SW3153 Tara Blue

Sherpa Rupa Shirt SW3153 Tara Blue

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A small brand with a great big heart, every authentic garment Sherpa makes—for trekking, traveling and exploring the world— is tested in the Himalayas for your greater well-being, and reflects their Himalayan homeland’s time-honored beliefs and humility.

The beautiful patterned blouse is based on traditional patterns and is made by Sherpa Adventure Gear directly in Nepal. The smooth, soft material is flowing, can absorb a lot of moisture and is largely wrinkle-free.  Made of Tencel®, produced from natural cellulose, it is robust, feels smooth and cool and is biodegradable at the end of its fiber days. The ideal fabric for a trekking blouse, which can be used all year round. The material has a sun protection factor of UPF 30 and the long sleeves can be rolled up and fixed with a flap.